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Non woven Weed Barrier & Ground Cover

Non woven Weed Barrier & Ground Cover …

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Non Woven FabricsNon woven Weed Barrier & Ground Cover

The Eximius Incorporation-50 gsm Black Weed Barrier and Ground Cover prevents weed and retains moisture in Flower Beds and Borders.

Advantages of using Eximius Incorporation-Weed Barrier & Ground Covers:

  • Reduces Watering
  • Allows Nutrients and air to permeate
  • Cuts down garden maintenance
  • Easy to cut and lay
Folded Home Garden packs of various sizes are available.
Weed Barrier & Ground Cover Non woven Fabrics
Technical Specifications
Fabric Quality Unit Test Results
Basic Weight GSM 50
Thickness DTEX 3.0
Tensile Strength-MD N/5 CM 100
Tensile Strength-CD N/5 CM 70
Elongation-MD/CD % 65 - 100
UV (With % dosage for high tropical exposure conditions) - Compliant
Typical Packing Specifications
Color - Black
Size Meters As per customer's requirements
Outer Packing Strong
This is not a specification and the figures are typical values